A pioneer in the production and marketing of ethanol, Husky Energy has been working with Western Canadian grain producers for almost 40 years. Husky opened Western Canada’s first commercial ethanol plant in Minnedosa, Manitoba, and introduced “Mother Nature’s Fuel” at Husky retail outlets.


Ethanol is produced from wheat and/or corn and added to gasoline as a renewable, clean-burning fuel that contains oxygen. Adding oxygen to fuel results in more complete fuel combustion, which can reduce harmful tailpipe emissions. Gasoline containing up to 10 percent ethanol by volume is the most common form of ethanol-blended fuel and is covered by warranty by every automobile manufacturer.

Ethanol Production

Husky purchases up to 700,000 tonnes of feed wheat and corn annually, and is Western Canada’s largest producer and marketer of ethanol and dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS).

Husky’s plants are located in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan and Minnedosa, Manitoba. Each plant uses state-of-the-art technology and has an annual throughput capacity of 150 million litres, giving Husky a total production capacity of 300 million litres of ethanol and 260,000 tonnes of DDGS a year.

Producers who sell feed wheat and corn to Husky know that they will be offered competitive spot and deferred market prices. For almost 40 years, Husky has been dealing directly with producers selling to its Minnedosa Ethanol Plant. Since commissioning the Lloydminster plant in 2006, Husky has established mutually rewarding business relationships with producers in western Saskatchewan and eastern Alberta.

Husky established and supports the Husky Biofuel Research Chair at the University of Manitoba, which focuses on developing high-yield, disease-resistant winter wheat varieties and maximizing efficiency in biofuel production.

Dried Distillers Grain With Solubles

A valuable co-product of Husky’s ethanol plants is a high protein feed supplement called dried distillers grain with solubles (DDGS). DDGS does not contain any animal products and is marketed to the livestock industry.

Husky’s two ethanol plants produce more than 250,000 tonnes of DDGS annually in total.

DDGS produced by Husky is marketed through Wilbur-Ellis.  For more information on purchasing DDGS contact:

Wilbur-Ellis Contact: Tyron Becker
Phone: 1-403-328-3311
Website: Wilbur-Ellis

For information about Husky Energy visit www.huskyenergy.com.

For information about Husky’s retail fuel network visit www.myhusky.ca.