Grain Pricing

The following are the prices at which Husky is currently purchasing grain. This is not an offer and is subject to change without notice and is subject to negotiation of a formal purchase agreement.

Month/Year  WHEAT Price Per Tonne ($) WHEAT Price Per Bushel ($) WHEAT
No bids at this time    
Month/Year  CORN Price Per Tonne ($) CORN Price Per Bushel ($) CORN
October 1st - 16th, 2020 171.25 4.35
December 2020 175.20 4.45
January 2021 179.15 4.55
February 2021 181.10 4.60
March 2021 183.05 4.65
Month/Year  RYE Price Per Tonne ($)  RYE Price Per Bushel ($)  RYE
No bids at this time    
Month/Year Price Per Tonne ($) Price Per Bushel ($)
No bids at this time    

Specifications subject to change at anytime.
Loads that do not meet these specifications will be rejected.